Jeff Immelt on Globalization

Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, gives his thoughts on globalization.

"Globalization has a bad name," Immelt said. "But the world is inextricably global. We win by exporting, and we win by sourcing, and in some of these countries there are no competitors that can beat me. As the energy grid is rebuilt in China, it will be built by GE. We haven't lost a single jet-engine order in China in three years. Every turbine is built in Schenectady, every jet engine in Cincinnati. You have to be rooting for someone to win. That someone should be us."

I think you can best tell what someone is made of when you seem them face adversity, or solve a tough problem. People are trying to figure out ways to stop and reverse globalization. They are panicking when faced with a problem. Globalization is inevitable. Smart creative people will realize that, and adapt as best they can.