Jenna Jameson is over… and other marketing techniques.

Fleshbot (which is not work safe) has a link to the Jenna Fatigue blog (which is racy but not pornographic, to be safe, wait until you get home to check it out). The premise behind the blog is that Jenna Jameson seems intent on dominating the world and is doing a damn good job so far, and the author is tired of it, or maybe amazed, or maybe both. Anyway, it chronicles the mainstream media mentions of Jenna, but Fleshbot speculates that it may be a stealth attempt to promote Jenna more.

Could it be? Possibly. Some will say that any press is good press because at least people are talking about you. And other companies may be trying this. For instance, Flock Sucks is a anti-Flock, anti-web2.0 blog that's pretty funny, even if you don't agree with what it says. Think about it. They get a bunch of links from bloggers and some mainstream media talking about why they like or don't like Flock, and people finally say "what the hell is flock?" and go look it up.

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Maybe I'll write the next ridiculous marketing best seller…"Saying You Suck: Ten Tricks to Stir up Controversy and Keep Your Name in the Media."