Jesus Novelties

This is an interesting new trend.

Wedged between the lava lamps and light beer posters you'll find the weird world of Jesus novelties.

It's all novelty. What's in. What's now. What's hip.

On the heels of "The Passion of the Christ" images of the savior are turning up on everything.

"It makes me smile because this is typical of what the world wants to do, make money on everything," said Debbie Stone, a manager at Spencer Gifts. "Why not make money on Jesus?"

Visit a Spencer Gifts or on-line novelty store and you're sure to find Jesus on just about any trinket you can think of.

"Action figures, bobble heads, you name it we've got it," Stone said.

There's "Hope on a rope" a Jesus-shaped bath soap, a perfect to cleanse the body and soul.

I'm surprised that religious icons haven't been used this way more often. Surely a Buddha action figure would sell just as well. Although now that I think of it, the crucifix has been popular for decades.

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