Virgin Media launches new employee community with help from Jive Software

Virgin Media and Jive Software partner

Jive Software on Wednesday announced that Virgin Media, a leading provider of broadband services for consumers and business in the United Kingdom and Ireland, has selected Jive’s interactive intranet solution to drive engagement amongst its employees.

Virgin Media will implement the company’s software for its internal community, building on the success of its already existing Jive-x partner community.

The platform will allow partners, suppliers, and now employees to take advantage of a mobile-optimized digital WorkHub they can use to connect, communicate and collaborate with Virgin Media.

Virgin Media’s WorkHub will bring employees’ daily workflows together in order to reduce their reliance on travel and email, and facilitate knowledge sharing within and across teams.

“The new Virgin Media intranet will increase efficiency by providing a central place for employees to exchange information, find expertise across the business, stay up-to-date on company news, and collaborate on strategic projects,” Jive said in a press release.

“Our Jive-powered interactive intranet will help us work better together in a flexible WorkHub that integrates all of our IT tools and applications,” said Paul Hickman, head of digital workplace at Virgin Media.

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“Jive will give us a secure employee engagement solution that supercharges productivity and unifies our company across departments and business units,” he added.

Virgin Media also plans to utilize Jive’s Cisco, Microsoft Outlook, Oracle, JIRA, and Salesforce integrations to more quickly accomplish daily work.

Using the platform employees will work at resolving customer issues, responding to local sales queries, and managing internal help desk tickets. They will also take to the platform for completing ongoing training and development.

Virgin Media is the leading cable operator in the UK and Ireland, delivering broadband, video and fixed-line telephony services to 5.6 million cable customers and mobile services to 3 million mobile subscribers.

The company will be able to offer the new social collaboration tools to more than 20,000 employees.

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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