Jive Software CEO says businesses have to be ‘contextually aware of how people are getting their work done’

Elisa Steele - CEO at Jive Software

Jive Software on Tuesday launched Jive World 2016, the company’s conference that touts its newest social collaboration tools for business.

During the company’s keynote CEO Elisa Steele spoke passionately about the company’s focus on delivering best-in-market collaboration tools that help businesses interact with their employees, partners, and customers.

Updates to Jive’s intranet and customer community solutions were announced, and as expected they focused on building connections within companies, both intra-company and for interactions with customers.

“The market has come to know Jive for powering innovative solutions that deliver clear value,” Steele said.

“The next evolution of our core products, powered by the Jive WorkHub, provides a unique identity for any individual to participate in what we see as the ‘Internet of People’. We can do this by uniting people, information, systems and things inside and outside of organisations in a way never before possible.”

The goal with the ‘internet of people’ is to bring together people, devices, data, systems and apps, into a single cohesive unit.

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To reach its goal Jive Software has announced a new events center, social listening integration, and a private support center.

Steele says its more important than ever for businesses to be “contextually aware of how people are getting their work done.”

Steele says there are three important tasks that must be undertaken in order to reach a level of contextual awareness.

  • Embracing diverse workstyles
  • Engaging with customers on their terms
  • Empowering and engaging employees

Stay tuned from more of our live coverage from Jive World 2016 in Las Vegas.

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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