John McAfee: My new product is a f**king game changer

John McAfee and Everykey

John McAfee says his new security product is “a f**cking game changer.”

McAfee says he is the “chief evangelist” for the new technology that is capable of replacing a password, logging you into websites, unlocking your phone, and even opening your digital door locks.

It’s called “Everykey,” and it’s raising funds from backers on Indiegogo. It’s a thumbnail-sized gadget that sits in your pocket and wirelessly connects to your phone, laptop and digital door locks.

As you approach a device, Everykey automatically unlocked it. When you step away, the device is auto-locked.

“When our team first conceptualized Everykey, security was a top priority,” McAfee comments. “This is a f—ing game changer.”

McAfee says Everykey utilizes military-grade encryption and offers other solutions, such as the ability to remotely freeze the device if you lose it.

The Indiegogo campaign has already raised $62,000 in crowdfunding, stretching way past its $20,000 goal.

John McAfee founded his famous virus scan program in 1987, but no longer has tied to the company following its sale.

In August, McAfee was arrested for DUI and possession of a handgun while he was under the influence. He has pleaded not guilty. In January 2014, he fled police in Belize who sought to question him for the death of his neighbor.

He was cleared of murder charges and has re-emerged with a focus on technology.

Written by Franklin Simmons

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