Just Like the Commercials… I’m In the Cloud!


The cloud is the perfect small business computing platform. By leveraging the strengths of this new technological trend, your little operation can compete with the big boys. Here are some of the most important ways the cloud is leveling the playing field:

Pay Only For What You Use

If your small business has a tight budget, and who doesn’t in this economy, the cloud is the perfect IT solution. When purchasing hardware, the rule of thumb is to buy big, to allow room for expansion. Although this is a great plan when you’re building your infrastructure from the ground up, it’s much harder financially for a smaller shop to make this investment. However, when you use cloud services to host your programs, you only pay for what you use!

No Hardware Maintenance or Support

Although it might be impressive to show off your state-of-the-art computer room complete with a bank of servers, this proud display also means a lot of hard work. In addition to the initial build of your system, you’ll need to hire a support staff to keep the whole operation up and running. From upgrades to emergency fixes, if there’s a hardware failure, only an expert with pricey skills should be allowed to modify these expensive pieces of electronic equipment

Not only will this add to your payroll, but it can also be difficult to attract and retain this kind of talent. Of course, you can always go with contracting this support task out to a third-party, but this is often even more expensive. When you use the cloud for your infrastructure needs, this concern disappears like a puff of smoke!

The Latest Equipment

In today’s cyber world, a server bought today will be obsolete tomorrow, way before you’ve received a good return on your investment. However, when you utilize the cloud, you can rely on a dependable bank of hardware that’s always maintained to be at peak performance. By using cloud services to host your applications, you can let someone else worry about the entire procurement process.

Program Less

Just like building your hardware infrastructure from the floor up can be expensive and frustrating, designing and implementing an entirely new computer system can be difficult, as well. With cloud computing, you can mix and match canned applications with custom software solutions for the best possible system.

By using the cloud, it even becomes easier to use a consultant instead of a full-time staff to add new programs or modify existing ones to include new features.

It Just Sounds Good!

If you make the switch to cloud computing, it can be a great advertising tool! By downsizing or eliminating your computer room, your small business is leaner and greener. Most Internet-savvy consumers are interested in doing business with modern companies; what could be more cutting edge than using the hottest new trend in computing?

As you can see, making the switch to cloud computing can only save time and money, and also attract customers. What more could you want from the latest technology?