Kaargo wants to become the Uber of shipping and delivery

Kaargo the Uber of Shipping and Receiving

You probably haven’t heard of New York-based Kaargo but the Uber-inspired company is hoping to change that in the very near future.

Kaargo is a shipping and delivery platform that recently launched a pilot program at Arizona State University.

The platform connects drivers who want to rent extra space in their vehicle for long and short-haul trips with consumers who want to use that space to ship an item.

The premise behind Kaargo is simple, give shippers an alternative way to send large or fragile items without worrying about expensive, costly packaging.

When a driver connects with a shipper through Kaargo’s website they are able to negotiate pricing before a transaction is finalized.

Kaargo verifies every shipper and transporter by having them fill out a profile, provide a photo, give personal information, and offer a credit card so the company can verify all parties involved.

Just like ride-sharing platforms, each party receives reviews so the shipper and driver can decide if they want to work with each other.

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Here’s a video that showcases how the platform works:


While the company is beta testing with a small demographic, new customers are still offered the opportunity to visit Kaargo.com and enter in shipping information for the opportunity to find a connection anywhere in the United States.

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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