Keep the Change

Jay Solo has a good post on change, that references Glenn Reynolds' techcentralstation column on outsourcing white collar jobs. Jay notes that

People hate change. It's uncomfortable. Yet we are best off in the United States if we can embrace and flow with change, and stay on the innovative edge. The last big thing moves to low cost production? Bring on the next big thing!

Amen to that. In the 1800s, most Americans worked in agriculture. People probably complained about losing all the farm jobs, but it turned out ok. People complained about losing the manufacturing jobs over the last few decades, but it tunred out ok. Now people are complaining about the US losing white collar jobs, but I see a pattern here, so I think it will be ok. Sooner or later robots will do all our jobs, even designing and building new robots, and then we will just have pure leisure time, except there will probably still be politicians. We preach free trade and competitive advantage, then we try to deny it so we don't lose jobs. I agree with Jay – embrace the change. I know it's difficult, but the quicker we do it, the quicker we can move on to bigger and better things.

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