KFC Becomes Kentucky Fried Chicken – Again

In an interesting move at a time when people are supposedly trying to be more health conscious, KFC has opened a store with it's original name – "Kentucky Fried Chicken."

After 14 years of trying to downplay the image of its food as greasy and unhealthy by calling itself simply KFC, the chain opened a new restaurant in its hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, on Wednesday under its former name and plans 50 more this year.

The move, the chain's most aggressive yet in its roughly two years of trying to revitalize sales, is part of a broader plan to "move the brand into the future" by drawing on its Southern roots, the company said in a statement.

Some may say that YUM (the parent company) is moving in the wrong direction, but I think this could work. If you don't think playing up the Southern roots can be successful, well, just try to get a seat at Cracker Barrel on the weekend. They have had a ton of success playing up the southern country angle.