KFC Woos Fans of Oprah and Mom Tattoos


This is my favorite story of the week. KFC is still trending on Twitter (in plain English – they’ve been tweet wildly) mostly in part to the brilliant Oprah grilled chicken giveaway. And yes, I think it was brilliant, even if some customers were frustrated. Most people are going to understand that there’s going to be a run on free stuff.

But this post isn’t about Oprah. It’s about KFC and how they get it. Because hot on the heels of the Oprah coupon debacle the finger lickin’ good chicken giant is offering $10 in KFC gift checks to the first 200 people each day between today and Mother’s Day who register as the proud wearer of a mom-themed tattoos to  www.KFC.com. The gift checks can be used toward the purchase of KFC’s new Kentucky Grilled Chicken for their mothers. (While photos are encouraged, submitting a photo is not required to participate in the daily giveaways.) Grand prizes include a motorcycle, a family vacation, and free chicken for a year. Love it.

No tattoo? No worries. Consumers without a mom-themed tattoo can download a KFC-themed tattoo cutout paying tribute to their moms.

“It is easy for people to make an effort to show moms that they care on Mother’s Day,” said Javier Benito, executive vice president of marketing and food innovation for KFC. “Since we are focused year-round on helping moms bring their family together around a bucket of KFC, whether it’s Original Recipe(R) or Kentucky Grilled Chicken, we really wanted to honor those who show their love for Mom every day.”

Seriously brilliant, in my opinion. KFC gets it.

Image Credit: Sabrina Eras, Flickr