Kraft Mac & Cheese changed its recipe and nobody noticed

kraft mac and cheese has a new recipeKraft Heinz recently changed the recipe for its popular mac & cheese and customers didn’t notice.

The company removed  artificial preservatives, preservatives and dyes in December of last year.

The company has sold more than 50 million boxes of the new mac & cheese so far.

Kraft Heinz added natural spices like paprika, annatto, and turmetric to its ingredients, allowing the food to keep its yellow-orange glow.

On some levels the new recipe is more natural, however, it still maintains its 1,710 mg of sodium, or 72% of your daily recommended salt intake.

Kraft launched a marketing campaign Monday, starring former “Daily Show” and “Late Late Show” host Craig Kilborn. The company is calling it “the world’s largest blind taste test.”

“As we considered changing the ingredients of our classic Blue Box, we did so knowing we had to maintain our iconic look, taste and texture,” said Greg Guidotti, Kraft Heinz’s vice president of meals, in a statement. “We’d invite Americans to try our new recipe, but they most likely already have.”

The new boxes say that Kraft Macaroni & Cheese retains “the taste you love,” even though it changed the recipe.

The company has also reduced the amount of saturated fat in its Mac & Cheese “Shapes” boxes, and it has “taken steps to include” more whole grains in its pasta without compromising flavor.

Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

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