Krispy Kreme

This article from Fortune magazine chronicles the success of doughnut chain Krispy Kreme. If you have never tasted these doughnuts, you are missing out. This is how much people love them:

They begin lining up in the cold darkness, hours before the store opens. Some come wearing pajamas, some lug couches and TVs, others bring beer. And when dawn finally breaks and the ribbon is cut, the rabid customers bolt through the doors. Many of them, in what must be an anticipatory sugar rush, scream at the top of their lungs: "Krispy Kreme doughnuts, yowweeee!" Last year it happened in Fargo and Philadelphia and Amarillo and dozens of other cities in North America. This year it will happen in Boston, Sydney, and elsewhere. All for a simple doughnut. Consider that for a moment: With so many companies today desperate for customers, here is a business—remember, we're talking doughnuts—that has shrieking fanatics lining up around the block in the middle of the night to buy its product.

They have plenty of room to grow, but like all highly desired products, too much growth can kill the demand and make Krispy Kreme too common. I'd buy a franchise for this area in a heartbeat, since there is only one I know of in this area, and people drive more than a half hour to get there sometimes. Unfortunately, they aren't selling any right now.

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