Land Rover Unveils Convertible SUV

Jaguar Land Rover Evoque Convertible

British luxury automaker Jaguar Land Rover has unveiled a new convertible SUV. The vehicle is a ragtop version of the Range Rover Evoque with a power-folding back roof.

Jaguar Land Rover first unveiled an  concept vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012.

The new production version will go on sale in mid-2016 and will start at $50,000 for a base model.

Land Rover says the cloth top can be raised and lowered while driving as fast as 30 miles an hour.

The vehicle is also equipped with a safety feature that deploys protective bars from the back of the vehicle in less than a 10th of a second if a crash is imminent.

Land Rover Convertible

The convertible Land Rover also includes¬†reinforced windshield pillars, the bars provide a “survival space” for occupants in case the SUV goes upside down.

The company says the Land Rover is still offroad ready, just like its hard-top version.

Jaguar Land Rover Evoque Convertible - Front View

The Evoque Convertible is powered by a 240-horsepower turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. It has a nine-speed automatic transmission with full-time all-wheel drive. The removal of the top leaves about 9 cubic feet of storage space in the back.

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