Lazy Road Worker


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  • Vic

    What in the world this road worker had in mind? But wait, maybe he is an abstract artist. My goodness, maybe he is not a road worker, but an artist of vandalism. Great humor post.

  • Lazy, maybe, but quite possibly a unionized road worker. That’s nothing against union workers, but only an observation, as I’ve seen first-hand the absurdity to which union workers are limited to the activities prescribed by their particular roles. The workers role was likely that of a painter, not a brush-clearer (who may not have been available at that time). Rather than do something that wasn’t part of the job description (and risk the ire of union management), the worker simply continued to do the job- in any way possible.

  • John

    there are other photos of roadkill with fresh stripes painted on them. Actually, considering what the workers are paid, it makes most fiscal sense to just paint around or over obstacles rather than to move them.

  • john

    Yes, perhaps a lazy road worker. But one could only imagine what our roads would look like if we had the nation’s bloggers out there painting them! ;-)

  • Drea

    Second john–they’d be covered in opinions, I guarantee you that much!