Leaders Need To Listen

Here is a good article about a very important topic.

Kim Seymour spends her days giving birth to new business strategies as founder and owner of Cravings, a 2-year-old Raleigh, North Carolina, retail company that sells trendy maternity clothing and accessories. Along the way, she seeks advice from her three employees, who have taught her about merchandising, marketing and customer relations. One employee had spent nine years as a retail manager, experience Seymour didn't have when she started the company. "There's no way someone is going to be an expert in every aspect of running a business," says Seymour, 35.

You can't know it all, no matter who you are. One important quality of a leader is the ability to learn from others, take their feedback, and make good decisions from it. Some people believe the mantra "only hire people who are better than you." This is why. The smarter they are, the smarter you look.

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