Lego Will Run Out Of Bricks This Christmas

Lego World

Brace yourself Lego fans because this Christmas might be free of your favorite block building set. The company is warning customers that there simply won’t be enough bricks for everyone this holiday season.

“We will not be able to deliver all of the new orders coming from customers in the remainder of the year in some markets in Europe,” Lego spokesman Roar Trangbaek said.

At this time Lego has now said which countries will lose out on the ability to supply enough Lego’s.

Lego sales have been stellar ever since the release of The Lego Movie. The company reported a sales increase of 18% in the first half of 2015, following 15% growth in 2014.

“The high demand also puts a strain on our factories around the world,” Lego CFO John Goodwin said in a statement.

The most profitable toymaker in the world is now expanded its factory operations in Mexico, Hungary, and Denmark, but keeping up with demand for a holiday that is only two months away is proving difficult.

The company says its new factories and increased capacity won’t be ready until 2020.

Lego is now bigger than Mattel and that means selling 60 billion Lego pieces in 2014, and more predicted for 2015.

Lego currently employees more than 12,000 people around the world.

Written by Lane Hanson

Lane Hanson

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