Lehman Brothers Protest

I don’t know the original source of this email forward, but it’s pretty funny:

Outraged Lehman Bros. employees stage a protest by blockading the entrance to the bank’s headquarters…

  • The funniest part about that picture is the two guys standing there looking at the car. Like, what could they be looking at on that particular door that isn’t on every other friggin’ door there? Except the Porsche.

  • Not funny – Ex-Lehman employee.

  • Hey, we are all ex something these days! :)

  • It’s one of those things where you feel guilty to smile at the joke, but the thing is, sometimes it’s best to bring some humor into these nasty events to help lighten up the one’s spirit.

  • Mike

    Hey, Ex-Lehman, whaddeya think of the guy who cold-cocked your ex-leader at the gym the other day?

  • George

    Isn’t the headquarters in NY. All of the cars in the pic have European plates. Fake?

  • Jason

    Hey, Ex-Lehman…Get a real job.

  • spammer

    of course it’s fake – that’s the point – duh…

  • Egor

    To: Comment by George on October 10th, 2008 at 2:18 pm

    “It is not any fake” – the point of this protest is not to drive Ferrrrrraris, but to have an European plates, you know!


  • Rak

    Even if it is fake (all the license plates are European) it’s still funny stuff. And to the ex-Lehman guy…..were you okay with the companies practices? If you weren’t then why did you stay? If you were then it’s even funnier. Are you okay with what these predatory companies have done to the economy, both America’s and the worlds? You probably think it’s the fault of those who fell for their predatory skills. I know you probably have a myriad of excuses as to why you worked for them and the way they conducted business but the point is I, and the rest of America, doesn’t care. Even if you didn’t like their practices you were willfully employed by them which means you were okay with what they did. Even if you were only “doing it for the money” you still made a statement by staying there; and that statement was “I’m okay with this as long as I make the money I need to continue my lifestyle”. You and these companies should be held accountable for your actions. By putting out there in the public forum that you don’t think this is funny it makes it all the more funny. I’ve still got my low paying job a few miles from my small apartment, what do you have?

  • It’s fake no debate