Lessons From Carly Fiorina

Fortune has an interview with Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP. She plays it pretty safe, and states the obvious when she is asked for her advice for Michael Dell:

Michael Dell needs to focus on leading indicators. They are customer satisfaction, the rate of innovation, diversity of the management team, and ethics. If you look at those indicators, you can predict what happens to Dell. It seems that he is concentrating on those things now.

Pretty generic, really. She gives a similar everybody-already-knows-that answer when asked about the future.

When I was at HP, I talked a lot about technology and life becoming more digital, mobile, virtual, and personal. I think what we see happening now is really the virtual, versatile part. This is all about technology becoming totally intuitive and totally seamless in the way we live our lives, and virtual reality becoming as compelling as reality.

But it's always good to read about what leaders think, and she makes a few interesting points about the importance of people in an organization. Go read the whole thing when you get a chance.

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  • Jason

    My suspicion is that in a lot of cases, what to look for and do is pretty straightforward. It’s the execution that trips you up (like it tripped up Carly back at HP)