Lessons From the Donald

John Hollan has some lessons from The Apprentice.

Although the show purports to be about business, it has about as much to do with running an enterprise as "The Sopranos" has to do with family relationships. The show is really about individualism and winning no matter what it takes. Competitors on "The Apprentice" will say and do just about anything to win and seem to care very little about who they may have to step on to do it.

Last fall, Stacy Blake-Beard, an associate professor at the Simmons School of Management in Massachusetts, told the Boston Globe, "The message of 'The Apprentice' is that to the extent that you look out for yourself above all else, you will be rewarded. Organizations talk about teamwork, but few of them promote it. They promote the star."

There are lessons to be learned from "The Apprentice," however, and they can be applied to any business and workforce anywhere.

The lessons, in case you don't want to click through and read them, are: 1)leadership matters, 2)second guessing is fatally disruptive, 3)it is good to be a selfless team player (even if Trump doesn't think so). I have a bit of problem with #3, because you don't have to be selfless to be a team player. And #2 sheds some light on an all too common workplace scenario with this tidbit:

In this regard, he is like the boss from hell who gives little to no guidance to his staff about what he wants and then cans someone when she can't read his mind. His actions in the boardroom devastate and demoralize the losing team each week–just as they would do in real life.

The biggest lesson though, that I think John left out, is that results matter. If you can acheive good results, that will make up for a lot of other flaws (and Trump won't get the chance to fire you).

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