LG debuts TV that rolls up like a newspaper

LG TV rolls up like a newspaper

LG has unveiled a TV that can be rolled up like a common newspaper.

The ┬ácompany plans to unveil the new concept at CES, along with a new 55-inch TV that is as thin as a piece of paper and a 65-inch “extreme curve” TV that bends both inwards and outwards.

LG doesn’t plan on selling any of its new designs in 2016 and its unclear why someone would want to roll up their TV.

LG is one of the top producers of TVs in the world and it often created designs that are meant to show what is possible and not necessarily what is feasible and necessary in the moment.

What is clear is that LG needs to continue turning heads if it wants to maintain its position as a market leader. Ultra-high definition TVs are a dime a dozen these days as an increasing number of manufacturers examine how to produce higher resolutions, thinner profiles, and bezels that are almost unnoticeable.

Will LGs TVs push forward the future of TV? The company has a good track record and it will be interesting to see how crowds at CES react to the company’s new concepts.


Written by Franklin Simmons

Franklin Simmons

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