Liberal Jibber Jabber

Here is an article about a website that encourages people to print out bar codes for cheap products, and use them on real products at WalMart. The activist who responded to the interview request is an idiot.

He says Wal-Mart is an appropriate target because of its anti-union stance and the way it crowds out smaller retailers by undercutting their prices.

So the prices are too low? This seems to be a conundrum for the liberals. They hate to see mom and pop stores put out of business by a big corporation, but that big corporation can provide much lower prices, which helps the poor. I guess the true liberal answer is that the mom and pop stores should just sell at a loss out of the goodness of their own heart, so that the poor can have low prices and they can still beat the big corporations. Then, since they don't make any money, the goverment will pay them a salary out of tax revenues taken from the rich. I guess even if it doesn't work that is ok. For liberals, intentions matter more than effects.