Liberalism and Economic Growth

Somehow I missed this post from Angry Bear a few weeks ago. He (is AB a he? I am not sure.) is arguing that liberalism causes economic growth. I think he means liberalism in the classic sense, as opposed to the modern sense (I view liberals as people who want the government to take my money and spend it on things that I don't want it spent on, but I am sure MattS and AB will disagree with me). Anyway, the post makes some good points, one being that theocracy is a detriment to capitalism. This is my biggest criticism of the Republican Party — their continuous pandering to the Religious Right. I think many Republicans would love a Christian theocracy. Personally, I think religion (the way some people practice it) can stifle innovation and dissent, which are both good for the economy.

This brings me to my theory on government. I believe in gridlock. You may laugh, but when I voted for Bush in 2000, I also voted for Graham as my Florida senator. My theory is that gridlock means they can't get much done, therefore they can't screw things up. Even though I usually lean to the Right, I don't have that much respect for politicians in either party. I would like to see fewer lawyers and career politicians, and more businesspeople (or businesspundits! some day) run for office.

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