Life Sciences Entrepreneurship

Louisville has worked to brand itself as a great place for biological science startups. The local paper has a good story on one of the newest. Some researchers have discovered a way to bottle adenosine triphosphate, which has a lot of potential uses.

The company expects that one day its product, VitaSol, will have a host of medical uses — such as healing wounds, preserving organs for transplant, and helping reattach limbs.

But it probably will be sold first for a non-medical use — speeding the production of proteins and enzymes in huge vats called bioreactors, to cut the cost of making drugs, laundry detergents and other products.

That doesn't require testing and approval by the Food and Drug Administration, which takes years. So VitaTech will have revenue coming in from bioreactor sales while it develops its medical products.

The speed with which VitaSol has moved from the laboratory to the marketplace, and the wealth of potential future medical applications, has impressed university officials and others.

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