London Squatters Specialize in High-End Residences


Need a nice place to live for free? Why not squat? The UK Telegraph has more:

Squatters who were evicted from a £6.25 million London townhouse have climbed higher in the property ladder, moving into a house in Mayfair worth £22.5m. Last November, the group of artists moved into a vacant Grade II*-listed property on upper Grosvenor Street.

But since being evicted from the townhouse in one of London’s most upmarket areas, the group are now squatting in the mews house of a property in Clarges Mews which sold for £22.5m in April 2007.

Despite the threat of eviction, the artists have been holding open days where anyone can come to a workshop where they can learn skills such as welding and tree-house building. The squatters’ website says the property is: “A space where people come together to share knowledge, non-descript skills, tactical imagination, creationism, passive action. A week long event of mutual learning, leftwing bias, free lectures, inert radicalism, workshops, discussion and film screenings.”

Squatting is legal if entry to an empty property is not forced, resulting in criminal damage. Owners of the squatted building have to go to court to remove the unwanted tenants.

Learn to do it yourself here.

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