Looking for a New Blogger

Next month this blog turns 4. Sometimes I want to shut it down. Sometimes I like having an outlet for my thoughts and questions. I've thought about doing this full-time, and with a little bit of work could probably make that happen. But I don't want to be a full-time writer at the moment. I am getting busier with other things, but I don't want to kill off this site and throw away the time it took to build the current audience. So, I would like to add two new contributors.

What do you get? Pretty good exposure, the chance to promote other things that you do, enough monthly cash to make it a nice side project, more interaction with some very smart readers, and an outlet for your ideas, stories, and questions.

What am I looking for? The primary criterion is that you love business. You should enjoy reading about business, thinking about business, talking about business, writing about business, and engaging in business. You have to be willing to be a little controversial, and not afraid of criticism. It helps if you have a particular interest in some or all of the following: entrepreneurship, finance/accounting, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, economics, new technology, management, strategy, execution, and leadership. It probably helps if you are a bit skeptical of manias and fads, and are highly interested in the thought processes and decision making side of business. It also helps if you are interested in how the academic side of business can be applied to the real world. Prior writing or blogging experience isn't necessary, but it does help. You should also be able to write at least one post of decent length every week, or multiple short posts about newsworthy issues.

The Coronavirus Could Cause Major Supply Chain Issues For Many Businesses: How Will This Effect The Economy?

If you are interested, drop me a note (rob-at-businesspundit (dot) com).

UPDATE: I've received quite a bit of email on this, so it might take a while for me to respond if you sent me something.