LookLater: A Cool New Service

I just started using LookLater. Go watch the short demo. It's like del.icio.us except that you can bookmark multiple links from the same page. So, for instance, if you came to this site and you saw 4 links you wanted to explore later, del.icio.us would require that you either bookmark this page (which changes, so that isn't the best solution) or open each of those 4 pages you wanted to read and bookmark them. Looklater will let you tag all 4 links from this page. I'm not sure how helpful that is in most cases, but I'm going to try it out for a few weeks.

  • have you heard of a browser named Flock
    , it does blog and delicious integration quite well.

  • Rob

    I’ve tried it, but can’t get the xmlrpc to work with Moveable Type, so I don’t use it.

  • Thanks for the post about LookLater. If you have any suggestions for improvements just drop by the forums and leave a message.

    – Doug Martin

  • superfancy

    Looklater is unaccessible — I was hoping to use it (got out of the habit for some months after switching computers, maybe I missed the window) or at least capture my existing links — Doug Martin is this possible? Chrs

  • Brandon

    In Firefox you can also right-click a link to save it to delicious without having to actually visit the site. So, you pick and choose which links you wanted to bookmark. And yes, looks like LookLater no longer exists.