Lotion and Bubble Bath that Smells Like Food

I can't imagine this will be a big seller.

An Italian cosmetics manufacturer has created a new range of bathroom products that smell of pizza.

Creator Ducio Cresci from Florence believes the traditional Italian dish should indulge all the senses, not just the stomach, and so created the luxury bubble bath, soap and body lotion.

I don't think you'll see me buying any of that for Mrs. Businesspundit anytime soon. It must be selling well though, since the inventor is working on other scents.

Cresci's Experimenta range also includes cappuccino soap, freshly baked Tuscan bread body lotion and oils smelling of chocolate, cake and chewing gum.

I can't wait to see the advertising for these products, especially if they are marketed here in Florida. We have a lot of flying bugs here and smelling like food is not the best way to avoid them.

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