Lufthansa Compensates Passengers for Rainy Days


Lufthansa plans to compensate passengers 20 euros/day for rainy vacation days. The BBC has more:

People who book flights with them from Germany can claim 20 euro for every rainy day, for up to ten days. Last month, Pierre et Vacances and FranceLoc, two French holiday groups, offered customers a similar deal.

The Lufthansa ‘sunshine rate’ is available until 18 August and is valid on flights departing between 1 September to 31 October to 36 destinations. If, a German weather website, records rainfall of at least five millimetres at your destination on the specified days then you should be eligible for compensation.

That’s a nice marketing move. There is probably a relatively low statistical possibility of rain at the 36 destinations Lifthansa will reimburse for during the time period in question. Moreover, 20 euros a day, with a maximum of 200 euros, really isn’t that much if you factor in the number of new flyers the plan could lure in.

Yet somehow, I can’t imagine United or American Airlines doing the same thing.

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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