Lying and Leading – Sometimes They Go Together

Sometimes as a leader you have to lie. Sure, integrity is an important part of leadership, because you have to keep your promises and follow through on what you say you will do. You have to think long-term, and resist the tempation to take an easy short-term route and make a quick buck. But sometimes, as a leader, you have to lie.

Sometimes, when starting a business, something happens and I think we are going to be rolling in the dough in just a few weeks. Other times things happen and I think we won't be around in six months. It really is a roller coaster (and no I am not normally manic-depressive). So much of success is mental, though, that I have to keep my team and my business partner upbeat. Setbacks have to be viewed as opportunities. Victories have to be toned down to avoid over-confidence and complacency. I do that by lying. When something goes wrong and it could seriously damage the business, I don't pretend it is petty. I do, however, pretend it is significant but able to be overcome – even if I am doubtful of that. I figure if I throw in the towel, so will everyone else. So, I pretend the world is there for the taking, if we just execute things right. Maybe it isn't lying, maybe it is just my rational side talking to my emotional side. Either way, it sure feels like lying. For those of you that manage people, I'd like to know how you handle this. Do you ever feel like you are lying?

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