Macworld 2009: GPS integration, iTunes on 3G, Thinnest MacBook Ever

Hot on the tails of Steve Jobs’ hormones comes Macworld, which today held its keynote address. Here’s the latest and greatest blanket update from Macworld, where GPS integration, iTunes on 3G, DRM-free iTunes (!), and the thinnest MacBook ever took center stage. Summarized from Jason Snell and Dan Moren’s stellar play-by-play coverage on Macworld’s website:


2008 was the biggest year in the history of company in Mac sales, sold 9.7 million Macs. They grew over twice as fast as the rest of the industry.

iLife ’09, a brand new version of the platform, is out now.

There’s a new iPhoto ’09, with a feature called “Faces.” …it uses face detection. It highlights the face and asks you to give them a name. Click on it, type in a name; it adds a snapshot. Then it uses face recognition to find the same person across multiple photos.

GPS integration
You can also organize your photos by “Places.” …you get a map with pins for where your photos are. It uses GPS Geotagging, integrated in many new cameras and (the iPhone).

Additional features include a slideshow (with music) and Facebook and Flickr integration. A new “Travel Books” theme lets you integrate maps into your travel books.

iMovie ’09 is out. Highlights: A new precision editor, expanded timeline view for advanced users. Advanced drag & drop: it gives you the option to replace, insert, use audio only. New dynamic themes with titles, transitions, even credits. Animated travel maps. Automatic video stabilization.

New versions of iWeb and iDVD.

iWork ’09 is out. New: Magic Move: you set up your slides and Keynote does all the options for moving objects between your slides. Looks a bit like the way Flash does animation… is a new service to share documents with other people online, including collaboration.

Pages ’09 has a few new features, including a fullscreen view and dynamic outlines.

Numbers ’09 adds a few new features to the spreadsheet world, including linked charts and a variety of new templates.

Thinnest MacBook Ever
The brand new 17″ MacBook Pro is out. Macworld’s review: 0.98 inches thin. World’s thinnest 17-inch notebook. It’s 6.6 pounds, which also makes it the lightest 17-inch notebook…Innovative new battery: longest lasting battery life ever, but keeping notebook just as thin and late. Apple’s not allowing the battery to be removable in the 17-inch MacBook Pro.

iTunes on 3G–Without DRM!
–Starting in April, iTunes songs will be offered at $0.69, $0.99, and $1.29.
–All iTunes songs will be DRM-free. Starting today 8 million songs will be offered DRM-free (couldn’t get that last 2 million, huh?). By end of quarter, entire catalog will be DRM-free.
–Starting today, users can download/buy iTunes songs on the 3G network.

Written by Drea Knufken

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