Major Facebook FAIL


How to Be Better at Networking Even If You’re An Introvert
  • Whahaha so funny!:D

  • lmao! that is def embarrassing! poor thing.

  • anonymous

    is this for real??

  • DSquared

    The best part is, it says she’s engaged…

  • Tarah

    That is hilarious!!

  • Lana

    whats funny about this is that she’s engaged and lets bet that Michael isn’t her fiance. LOL.

  • hlm

    Funny… but how can the first response be older than the original post?? ie. the reply was posted “59 minutes ago” and the orginal post was “58 minutes”… hmmm

  • ….

    whats worse is that her status is engaged..

  • McT
  • NYC

    As much as I want this to be true, it is a hoax. The person’s facebook was hacked becuase she is some extreme right wing person and some left wingers were pulling a prank on her. Pretty funny.

  • ahahahahah!! u can’t do that!! even mi lil sis know hoe to erease those messages!! LOL

  • Ella


  • hahahaa 1968.
    im kinda hoping its her fiance. because if it isnt how funny!

  • Rain

    It’s a fake. It’s been going around for months now.

  • Yi

    I just heard hackers did this. What a shame… otherwise I would have laughed at this incident.

  • Yi
  • Pam

    This ladies Facebook account was hacked and someone else posted that on her wall. I laughed when I first saw it, then I researched it and felt sorry for her.

  • Aimee Williams


  • Kyle Jonathon Asplund

    Otherwise, at least she had a good time.