Man eBays his Entire Life for $384,000

(Image credit: UK Daily Mail)

Want to know your true net worth? The friendly buyers on eBay might be able to give you a more realistic idea than your balance sheets:

Ian Usher, a British immigrant to Australia, put everything he owned as well as introductions to his friends on the online auction site after a painful breakup with his wife prompted him to want a fresh start.

Bidding closed Sunday and reached nearly $384,000 — an amount Usher said his house in the western city of Perth was worth on its own.

Usher said he had hoped to get at least $480,000 (a half-million Australian dollars) for his life — his house and all its contents, car and a motorcycle, a jet ski, skydiving gear, an introduction to friends and a trial period in his sales job — but that the final result was enough for him to make a new start in life.

I’m honestly not sure I’d want the friends and the sales job along with the rest of the package. But the house sounds pretty good.