Man Gets Stopped in Security Line for Pigeons in Pants


A man tried to pass through security in a German airport
with four pigeons strapped to his pants legs. Spiegel reports:

Security staff at Düsseldorf airport in western Germany couldn’t believe their ears when a Libyan man asked them to pat him down gently because he had four pet pigeons in his trousers.

“They thought he had made a bad joke but when they carefully lifted his trouser leg, four live little fantail pigeons appeared,” police at Düsseldorf airport said in a statement.

“The man told the astonished police officers that the pigeons were his dearest pets and he had take them because he would be away for several days and wouldn’t be able to look after them,” police said.

He protested when police freed the pigeons and handed them over to customs, who passed them on to an animal home. “The man promised to pick up his pets next week when he returns,” police said.

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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