Management By Crowd


The Schaumburg Flyers, a minor league baseball team, will now be managed by the crowd.

The project, called "Fan Club: Reality Baseball" is the result of an alliance between production company LivePlanet, which will be responsible for the behind-the-scenes storytelling, and Microsoft's MSN, the Web site that will display everything from the team's day-to-day statistics to video highlights with the potential to stream games live.

The problem here is the same problem TBE faced – what is the incentive for people to take their decisions seriously? If stealing bases is more entertaining, fans would rather see that even if it is a poor decision. My prediction is that initially the team will win and everyone will say what a great idea this was. Some bad calls will be made and the tide will start to change. By the end of the season it will be considered stupid, but it will have made the game more fun and made a ton of money so they may continue on with it anyway.

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Hat tip to Bren for the pointer.