Management Secrets from…Paul Newman?

Sure, why not? Most of the interview sounds like the company is all about having fun. I like this part:

You've been quoted as saying, "There are three rules for doing business-fortunately, we don't know any of them."
HOTCHNER: Actually, my favorite is: "It is useless to put on the brakes when you're upside down."
Newman: The one I like best is, "When things look darkest then they go black."

You both have spoken at some of the best business schools in the country.
Hotchner: Newman undid everything at Harvard, though. Go on, tell her what you did.
Newman: I haven't the slightest idea.
Hotchner: Basically, he said to them, "You guys can go to school and learn this stuff, but if we have any kind of a budget or a plan, we're screwed." There were a lot of falling professorial faces at that.

I wonder if Harvard invited him back.

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