Managing Those Who Don’t Want to Change

I have an employee who doesn't want to change. He is absolutely awesome at the 50% of his job that he loves, and getting him to do the other 50% is like pulling teeth. I hate to lose him, but anytime I focus on the more mundane parts of his job he does just enough to get by and get me off his back. What I want is an attitude change. I want him to go from being a shoot-from-the-hip guy to the organized leader that we need from his position. I've thought of structuring his bonus around his boring administrative tasks, but truth be told he isn't worth his regular salary because he isn't doing his whole job. (Yes, it was explained to him during the hiring process that the job had a heavy administrative component). I've thought about micromanaging him, or docking his pay until he gets up to speed, but over time I have come to believe that if he is forced to do these administrative tasks he will probably just be unhappy and end up leaving. If only there were some way to get him to change and enjoy it…

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