Mariner Energy’s Vermillion Rig Explodes in Gulf

A Mariner Energy oil rig, the Vermilion Rig 380, caught fire off the coast of Louisiana today. Of the 13 workers on the rig, 12 are alive and awaiting rescue, and one is missing. At time of writing, the oil rig wasn’t producing any oil, but there’s no word on whether it sits on top of a live well. It’s unclear whether there’s another oil spill involved. CNN has ongoing coverage of the fire.

Interestingly enough, deepwater drilling giant Apache Corp. agreed to buy Mariner Energy for $2.7 billion back in April, in a deal that would complete in Q3 of this year. D’oh. Apache also sucked up $7 billion worth of assets that BP firesaled to finance its Gulf oil spill losses. None of those assets, however, were in the Gulf.

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Written by Drea Knufken

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