Mark Cuban wants Apple to ban Twitter from the app store

Mark Cuban wants Twitter banned on Apple App Store

Mark Cuban wants Apple to ban Twitter from its app store until the social network finds a better way of removing “objectionable” tweets, images and videos from its platform.

Cuban took to Twitter on Thursday to question Apple’s app review policy in a series of tweets. Cuban said Apple should start adhering to its own policies.

Cuban wrote:

“1) So how come Apple hasn’t removed twitter from their app store for violating the UGC & Personal Attack terms?” he tweeted. ”

2) remove twitter from the app store for a couple days and they will solve any and all objectionable UGC content issues immediately.” (UGC stands for user generated content.)”

Cuban didn’t specify what objectionable content he was referring to, however, the platform has been used regularly by groups such as ISIS to spread its message of hate, and to recruit new members for the terrorist organization.

Cuban’s first tweet included a screenshot of Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines related to “Personal Attacks” and “Violence.”

Part of that policy says “Apps that display user-generated content must include a method for filtering objectionable material, a mechanism for users to flag offensive content, and the ability to block abusive users from the service.”

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Cuban then spoke about other apps who changed their policies to more closely match Apple’s guidelines.

“3) Instagram can prevent the scourge of naked breasts to keep their place in the app stores. I’m sure twitter can find solutions as well…” Instagram decided last year to restrict nudity.”

He also questioned Apple’s treatment of Twitter specifically.

“4) Apple has no problem threatening other apps with removal as well. Why not Twitter?”

Cuban and early Twitter ┬áinvestor Chris Sacca then argued over the company’s policies on filtering information.

“@sacca the question was to Apple. But twitter could be more transparent. I would feel a lot better knowing terrorist UGC is down in 24 hrs,” said Cuban.

“Twitter isn’t the author of objectionable content and has multiple paths for removal of it,” Sacca tweeted back.

“Not enough,” Cuban replied. “Just ask any app that has been threatened with removal by Apple. Or ask Apple.”

Written by Franklin Simmons

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