Mark Zuckerberg Has A Very Specific Reason For Choosing Who Sits Next To Him At Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook seating chart

When it comes to deciding who sits next to his desk at Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a very deliberate selection process.

During Fast Company’s recent in-depth look into Facebook’s plans for the future the publication revealed Zuckerberg’s “signature move” that helps him “absorb new material.”

According to the publication, Zuckerberg moves entire teams of workers close to his desk when they are running new initiatives or when they run areas of his various companies that he would like to learn more about.

Yann LeCun, a New York University faculty member and head of Facebook’s AI Research headquarters in Manhattan, told Fast Company that Mark Zuckerberg actually shuffled the seating order of the company’s Menlo Park, California office when he wanted to learn more about artificial intelligence.

“When we moved to the new building, we ended up being separated from Zuck by about 10 yards,” LeCun explained. “He said, ‘No, this is too far, move closer.’ ”

When Facebook acquired Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom and other key design talent sat within arm’s length of the boss’ desk.

You can read the entire Fast Company interview here.