Marketing To a Captive Audience


I took this picture at a gas station in Lexington, KY on Saturday. What you see is a speaker mounted to a gas pump at a Shell Station. When I started to pump gas, a recording came on and said something like

Hey! Are you feeling a little run down? Pop inside and grab an energy bar before you run that next errand.

I wasn't feeling run down, and I didn't go inside to buy anything, but I think it is a smart idea to market to me at the gas pump. Usually I just stand there, looking around at the other people pumping gas. I think that's what most people do. It's a captive audience, so it's smart to market to them when they can't ignore your message.

Come to think of it… why doesn't someone put up a video screen that has a list of 10 products? If I'm in the market for one of those products, I can touch the screen and watch an ad about that product, and get $0.05 a gallon off of my gas purchase. Then advertisers could pitch to a captive audience that is interested in their product, I can save money, and gas stations can increase their revenue.

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