McAlister’s Deli

Mrs. Businesspundit and I like to eat at a place called McAlister's Deli. There are several here in Louisville. We can get reasonably healthy food that's quick at a decent price. When you order something, they make it fresh and bring it to you within maybe five minutes. That's nice. But the weird thing is that when you are done, you are supposed to leave everything on your table. They clean up. There are no garbage cans for customers to use. Why?

The first time we ate there, I walked around for several minutes looking for a place to throw my stuff away before asking the cashier, who explained that I should leave it on the table. McAlister's is closer to fast food than anything else, and the layout and style of the restaurant would lead you to believe you should clean up after yourself. It baffles me because I see no advantage to what they are doing. On the contrary, there are several times I have been there and it is busy and half the tables have trash on them and there are so many people in line that no one can break away to clean them off. Will it really change their image that much to let customers throw away their own trash? Or do people eat there because they think it is a step up from fast food?