McDonald’s is testing fresh beef for its burgers

McDonalds Fresh Beef burgers

McDonald’s is testing fresh beef burgers at a few test locations in Texas. The company has traditional used frozen patties.

The company says it is running a “limited test” at 14 Dallas locations.

The fresh beef is used for the company’s quarter pounder, quarter pounder with cheese, double quarter pounder with cheese, the bacon clubhouse and the homestyle burger, a regional product that is only available in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The fast food giant began the test in November but didn’t advertise the move.

McDonald’s typically serves “flash frozen” burgers.

“Flash freezing is when beef is ground fresh and then quickly frozen to seal in fresh favor,” says McDonald’s on its website.

The company isn’t sure if the fresh beef will be used in the future.

The fast food company runs many regional experiments, some of which expand locally if they prove to be a success. Most recently it sold out of its Gilroy Garlic Fries at several San Francisco restaurants.

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Whatever McDonald’s has been doing lately, wall Street loves the company’s turnaround efforts. Shares are up 10% year-to-date. Profits jumped by 35% in the most recent quarter, fueled by the company’s decision to offer all-day breakfast options.

Written by Tammy Johnson

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