McDonald’s Recalls 12 million Cadmium-Laced Shrek Glasses

Image: CPSC

Have you seen those $2 Shrek drinking glasses that McDonald’s has been selling to promote the movie? If so, you’d best avoid them. They contain cadmium, an industrial chemical known to cause everything from cancer to the exotically-named Itai-Itai disease, which softens your bones and makes your kidneys fail.

Needless to say, McDonald’s has recalled the Shrek glasses. The Christian Science Monitor has the story:

Some 12 million Shrek-themed glasses sold exclusively by the fast-food giant from May through June were recalled Friday. It turns out that the cartoon designs on the $2 glasses contain cadmium, a toxic chemical associated with industrial metal processing.

If you have one of the 16-ounce glasses, which came in four versions emblazoned with designs of Shrek, Fiona, Puss n’ Boot,s and Donkey, you should stop using it immediately, the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) warns. Customers can obtain full refunds by visiting the company’s website.

The recall originated with an anonymous tip last week. The tipster warned Rep. Jackie Speier (D) of California that the glasses contained cadmium. Her office contacted the CPSC, and the glasses were sent for testing.

“Our children’s health should not depend on the consciences of anonymous sources,” said Representative Speier in a statement. “Although McDonald’s did the right thing by recalling these products, we need stronger testing standards to ensure that all children’s products are proven safe before they hit the shelves.”

Incidentally, China, where those glasses were most likely produced, is the world’s biggest producer of cadmium. It sounds like McDonald’s might also want to consider checking out the standards in the factories it outsources to.

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  • You’d think McDonalds would do their due diligence on their suppliers to avoid major embarrassments like this one. Since that didn’t happen, I guess it is a good thing that this anonymous tipster broke the news.

  • Mike Mathea

    Wonder when we will here who get’s fired over this error. Probably never. I am amazed at how far from basic business practices we have moved in 30 years. We used to fire people for mistakes like this one.

  • Alan

    China again! Tainted milk products, tainted children’s toys, and now tainted McDonald’s drink glasses. Let’s see: China is now our national banker, they are poisoning our children, they are stealing our intellectual property and private data, they think the Dalai Llama is a terrorist, and they are North Korea’s principal supporter. So, how are Globalization and massive foreign trade deficits working for all of my fellow marginally-employed American citizens? How much longer will the sheeple tolerate the dismemberment of the US economy and its outsourcing to our good friends, the Chinese? Does anybody think that our country is moving in the right direction and that this transfer of technology, wealth and power will be a good thing for our grandchildren? If not, then who is actually orchestrating this transfer and why are they getting away with it without some social protest? What does it take to get Americans pissed off enough to act on ANYTHING? Destroy the economy? No. Destroy our home equity? No. Outsource our good jobs and replace them with fast food & temp work? No. Dump a few million gallons of oil on our beaches and our favorite seafood? No. Wow… nothing phases them at all. They don’t really care about anything very much. Probably mixing Prozac with Viagra. Oh well…