The McLaren 570GT is the first ‘hatchback’ supercar

McLaren 570GT

The team at McLaren has taken the 570S and added what can be described as a “hatchback” in the form of a rear loading luggage tray.

The new 570GT isn’t cheap at about $200,000, but at least now you can take a few changes of clothes with you on your next supercar road trip.

Other tweaks include a raised rear spoiler and unique aerodynamic package meant to deal with the vehicles new unique shape.

The 570GT will make its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

Here’s a quick tour of the new “hatchback” supercar.

McLaren 570S and new 570GT (shown in silver).

The McLaren 570S and new 570GT

The interior features beautifully handcraft leather. It’s less hardcore than other McLaren’s models.

570GT Interior

The new rear spoiler has been extended by a full centimeter to help with the vehicle’s new shape.

McLaren 570GT Aerodynamic changes

The new model focuses on this rear luggage tray that’s located above the 562-horsepower twin-turbo V8.

McLaren 570GT Luggage rack hatchback

It’s only a small amount of new space but it really supplements the front storage area.

McLaren 570GT Storage Space

The McLaren 570GT is an excellent choice for a road trip — at least among supercars.

570GT road trip friendly by McLaren

With an EPA city/highway rating of 16/23 mpg it’s still not the cheapest road trip vehicle, but if you can afford $200,000 you probably don’t care about gas prices.

Written by John Howard

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