MegaBuzz – Get Paid For Creating Interesting Questions


If you have some free time to kill, and social news sites just don't do it for you anymore, check out MegaBuzz, where users are paid for creating questions that create buzz. Get rewarded for picking the questions that cause the most buzz, and of course you can comment and answer the ones that you like. A sampling of questions from the business section include:

  • Will Conrad Black make a deal?
  • The new Hot Pockets calzone – a stroke of genius?
  • Will Expedia's stock price exceed $23 per share by the end of March?

Unfortunately, there's no buzz about the things we businesspundits like to talk about, like the new FASB standards. Maybe there is a market for a MegaBuzz for business geeks. On second thought, it would be a lonely site.

Via Outside The Valley.

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