Metacognition in Business

This post wasn't intended to be about business per se, but it highlights an important skill that executives need to develop – metacognition. In other words, you need to "think about the way that you think."

  • Bill Wells


    How is that my computer and watch show 1:52 PM and your time frame says 3:09PM. Are you away from Louisville? To think about thinking may not be for everybody, one can get trapped in the abstraction of the thought itself.

  • Rob

    Movable Type has autopublishing, so I can write several entries at once and have them publish at certain times. For some reason, it doesn’t work quite right.

  • Bill Wells

    ASk how first, then the why will gradually come into focus for you.

  • Bill Wells

    Is the moveable type the pRoblem or is it the logic inherent to the software tryng to have “accurate time” at the junction of the event. The stress in the computer programming might shaped by the clock time accuracy at different points and places. (Time has been stopped in teh accelerators and I think even reversed or negative). This level of awareness is a little different for mental processing.