Michael Jackson’s Final Legacy: A Six-Figure Novel?


ESSENCE Magazine claims that a novel authored by Michael Jackson is making the New York publishing rounds. The details:

ESSENCE.com has learned exclusively that a novel written by the “King of Pop” himself is currently being shopped around to New York publishers, according to a source in the industry.

The illustrated novel depicts a rock star at the height of his success who becomes disillusioned with money and fame and obsesses about death.

According to the source, the book mirrors Michael Jackson’s own rise to superstardom and self-imposed seclusion, reflecting an inner torment and struggle with personal demons.

Working with a collaborator, the source confirmed, Jackson conceptualized the story line, characters and even the illustrations.

The book is expected to sell in the six figures.

Two things come to mind: a) Is this for real?; and b) wouldn’t that be an interesting twist to the MJ story?

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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