Michele Norris Is Leaving NPR To Expand Race Card Project

NPR - Michele Norris leaving

Michele Norris is leaving NPR after 13 years. She is leaving the network to focus on The Race Card Project, her award-winning effort to increase the conversation around identity six words at a time.


“It touches people like nothing I have ever done in journalism,” she said.

The Race Card Project was founded in 2010. It formed the basis for some of her stories on NPR, but “it’s something I built on my own,” she said.

She plans to expand the project by working with her media contact.

“After being in one place for 13 years, I want to take stock of a completely changed media landscape and figure out what I want to do next and where I want to do it,” she said.

Before joining “All Things Considered” in 2012, Norris was an ABC News correspondent.

Norris said her work on the The Race Card Project “feels essential” to her. Recent six-word submissions highlighted include:

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“Black kids, white moms, strong family.”
“I didn’t know english, but learned.”
“Not African-American, I’m African Period!”
“Time for America’s new color, HUMAN!”
“I hate being called ‘white girl'”
“Everyone has the same color blood”

“When I see how it is used in classrooms and communities and universities and churches and even by businesses large and small so people can talk across differences, I realize that it deserves more attention,” Norris said.

Other topics include religion, sexual orientation, and aging, among other subjects.

Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

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