Many moons ago, when there existed on the web a mysterious Web 2.0ish project called "The Business Experiment," a member named David Gibbons began talking with me about microchunking. I liked the idea, and I bought the domains microchunk.net, microchunking.com, and microchunks.com. They are up for renewal, and I am very reluctant to let them go, just because I have ideas on how to use them although, I'm ashamed to admit this, but I have over 300 domains. Yes, I buy one every time I have an idea. It's a bad bad habit. I know I will never have the time to pursue them all.

If anyone has an idea of what to implement at these domains, I may be interested in being a minority partner. I can provide some money and some contacts, but I'm running negative on free time to contribute. Shoot me an email if you have an idea.